The Chair

I spotted this chair, at the Goodwill, with a price tag on it that said $49.99!  I quickly glanced at the front door to make sure I was really at the Goodwill. I was. Then, I saw a sign that read: all furniture half off. Yes, Ma’am!   A chair like this is hard to find so I couldn’t believe my very first trip, to the Goodwill, and I found it, just-like-that! It’s also in pretty good condition.

I have great plans in store for this chair. Using what I had on hand,  I started taking out some of the staples, it’s a lot harder than I thought using needle nose pliers and a flathead screwdriver.  My hand got sore pretty quickly.  I plan on buying a Heavy Duty Professional Staple Remover from my local Harbor Freight Tools. It’s only $2.99 and I heard it works great. If you have nail nippers, use them, those work well with removing the staples. I removed  a lot more using those than I did with the pliers and flathead.

This is the before picture. I think every Tuesday, I’ll try to post about The Chair and how its coming along.


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