Breakfast Sandwich

This is my husband’s favorite breakfast sandwich. He claims it’s better than McDonald’s.  I believe him, not only because he’s usually not one to hold back when it comes to how he likes his food, but because I’ve seen that squishy, spongy thing that McDonald’s likes to call an egg that they place on their sandwiches. Gross! I don’t know if they use real eggs or not, but I do know that even after I’ve removed the egg, my sandwich still had that smell and taste as if the egg was still there.  Totally ruined my sandwich and not worth the $3 it cost me.

This is pretty easy to make.  I like to cut my bacon in half and fry it on the George Foreman. It’s easier, less messier and I don’t have to stand there and babysit it.  Because I cut my bacon in half, I fry a total of six pieces, so each sandwich will only end up with a slice and a half.  While the bacon is cooking, I fry a couple of eggs and toast the English muffins.

Once the muffins are toasted, I add a little butter, then a half slice of processed cheese, the egg , bacon, the other half of cheese and finish off with the other muffin. Once I have my sandwiches assembled, I place them in the same pan I fried my eggs in, with the heat off, to help melt the cheese.

Viola! Breakfast is served!


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