A Friendly Duck

Where I live we have a beautiful Conservatory that sits along the river. Right now it’s under construction, and a lot of things are misplaced, including the ducks.

On the day that we went, I wasn’t paying attention and I was a few feet away from stepping on a duck. This friendly duck just walked right up to us, stopped, and posed long enough for me to take just one picture. Then it quacked, as if to say that’s it, and waddled off.

Chipmunk Hole

This is just one of the holes the chipmunk dug in my yard, it’s actually the biggest one out of all of them. Yes. This isn’t the only one I have in my yard from this little critter.

I read online that you can fill a milk jug with water, turn it upside down in the hole, and the chipmunk will run up into the jug trying to get away from the water. I think I’ll have my husband try it and release it far, far, away from my yard.