A Friendly Duck

Where I live we have a beautiful Conservatory that sits along the river. Right now it’s under construction, and a lot of things are misplaced, including the ducks.

On the day that we went, I wasn’t paying attention and I was a few feet away from stepping on a duck. This friendly duck just walked right up to us, stopped, and posed long enough for me to take just one picture. Then it quacked, as if to say that’s it, and waddled off.

Still on the Fence

I’m not sure why this bird decided to stay on the fence for two days and two and half nights. I do have to wonder what he was thinking.  He must have had some tough, life decisions to contemplate. Maybe he wasn’t confident in his ability to fly? Wasn’t ready to be out in the world on his own?  He wanted to sit back and enjoy the view? Or was he there to teach me something? To make me think about life?

I guess I’ll never know the reason for this little bird’s visit, but he sure did give me a lot to think about.


On the Fence

This little bird sat on the fence, in that same spot, for a whole day.  The next day, it was still on the fence, just a little further down and facing a different way.

Even though it allowed me to get really close to it, without moving even just a bit. I was still a little hesitant, so this isn’t the greatest picture of the bird.  I actually think the fence makes the better subject.

I did get a better picture, the next day though, I’ll post that one tomorrow.


Bird Feather

When I first saw this feather in my yard, I wasn’t sure what type of bird it came from. Well thanks to Google, I found out it was from a Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker. I actually took a picture of a Northern Flicker bird, back in July, and at the time, I didn’t even notice the yellow and black feathers under the tail and underwings.