Still on the Fence

I’m not sure why this bird decided to stay on the fence for two days and two and half nights. I do have to wonder what he was thinking.  He must have had some tough, life decisions to contemplate. Maybe he wasn’t confident in his ability to fly? Wasn’t ready to be out in the world on his own?  He wanted to sit back and enjoy the view? Or was he there to teach me something? To make me think about life?

I guess I’ll never know the reason for this little bird’s visit, but he sure did give me a lot to think about.


Can you see it?

See that Crane standing on that fallen tree branch? I just saw something in the distance and took a picture of it, not knowing what it really was. As I was taking some other pictures, a nice guy stopped and asked “did you get a picture of the crane?” Thinking he was talking about the machine crane, I looked around and said “where is it?” He was nice enough to tell me where it hangs out and shared that “it likes to eat the little fish.” That’s when I knew he wasn’t talking about a machine, but the bird Crane. He also told me it’s the only one he’s seen in our area. I’m happy I was able to have caught a picture of him even if my camera is not the greatest. 🙂