A Mum from Aldi

A few months ago, I bought two red mums, not bronze, from Aldi. They died, so I just tossed them to the side and, all but forgotten about them until this morning, when I spotted a few red buds starting to bloom. I’m soo glad I didn’t just throw them away. All they needed was a lot of water.

Aldi will sometimes sell all the dead plants (they just need lots of water) for only 49 cents. If you see them, you should grab a few.


Someone else’s trash…

Has now became my treasure. I found this plant a few weeks ago next to a dumpster. OK. It was actually in the dumpster neatly placed on top of a box. All I had to do was reach right in and grab it. I bet whoever set it there was secretly hoping someone would take it home. And take it home I did!  It’s added some much-needed color to my front porch.