English Muffin

English muffins are one of the few things I like to eat for breakfast.  My favorite way to eat them is toasted (on a setting of 6) with butter and jelly.  I have to butter the bottom piece first, while the top piece stays in the toaster keeping warm, before I can butter the top. When it comes to eating them that’s another story, I have to eat the top first and the bottom last.  I don’t think it would taste the same if I changed things up. 🙂


Can you see it?

See that Crane standing on that fallen tree branch? I just saw something in the distance and took a picture of it, not knowing what it really was. As I was taking some other pictures, a nice guy stopped and asked “did you get a picture of the crane?” Thinking he was talking about the machine crane, I looked around and said “where is it?” He was nice enough to tell me where it hangs out and shared that “it likes to eat the little fish.” That’s when I knew he wasn’t talking about a machine, but the bird Crane. He also told me it’s the only one he’s seen in our area. I’m happy I was able to have caught a picture of him even if my camera is not the greatest. 🙂


Queen Anne’s Lace

This flower is really a weed. Isn’t it pretty? It reminds me of Baby’s Breath.

It’s also known as Wild Carrot, and not only does the stem smell like a carrot, but it tastes like one to.

See the little purple flower in the middle?  That is supposed to represent Queen Anne’s Blood, from when she pricked her finger on a needle making lace.



These remind me of little grape tomatoes, but they are not.  These are actually Baneberries, and as a child, we were always told not to eat them or even touch them.

Of course, being told not to do something as a child, always made it more tempting to do so. Although, we never ate or touched them, we did have fun knocking them to the ground and stomping on them.